Posted on: Sep 29 , 2008

An awesome list of Javascript libraries and effects collected by WebDesignerWall – definitely gonna look into using some of these for my next project.

Posted on: Sep 12 , 2008

Slowly but surely…

You may have noticed my blog has a new look – but everything else is still old and busted….  Eventually I’ll get around to moving the blog down to the root of my domain, but only after I get my .htaccess setup to redirect things appropriately.  Then there’s always the portfolio section to update and move into WordPress ::sigh::

Posted on: Apr 12 , 2008

Beer Stein

I got to be in one of my friend’s wedding last weekend, and he gave all us groomsmen beer mugs with our names on them!

Now every beer can be an EPIC BEER.

… also rockin’ Ubuntu/Openbox on the iMac.  Which after upgrading to the Hardy Heron beta a few days ago, has been acting much better than it used to :)

Posted on: Feb 21 , 2008


Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipse, 10:08pm.  8 second exposure with 10x zoom.

Kind of wish I owned some binoculars or something.

Posted on: Feb 17 , 2008

iMac screen weirdness

A couple of weeks ago I’ve noticed some strange streaks on my iMac’s screen. It’s not ridiculously annoying, but it’s noticeable when displaying something bright, like a white web page.

Posted on: Feb 9 , 2008

Old animation

Uploaded an old 3D animation project that I did in college…

Posted on: Jan 26 , 2008

Upgrading to Leopard, with Linux and rEFit

So this past week I finally upgraded my machine to Leopard.

Posted on: Jan 19 , 2008

My Dream Theme

For the past couple months, I have been happily dual booting my iMac with OS X and Ubuntu for thanks to the rEFIt boot menu. Although last time I checked, updating to Leopard (which I’ve still yet to do ::sigh::) can cause some problems with the bootloader… not sure if those issues have all been ironed out yet.

Posted on: Nov 18 , 2007

New designs at UMass Dartmouth

As part of the UMass Dartmouth Web Design and Development team, I’m constantly updating the look and feel to websites sites all across campus. This fall, we finished two website redesigns: the Admissions Office and the Center for Jewish Culture.

Posted on: Jun 24 , 2007

Hoth Desktop

For all you Star Wars fans out there…