Posted on: Dec 31 , 2009

Updating my Portfolio … finally.

I’ve had this latest iteration of my website up now for … a long time, and I’ve finally started migrating my portfolio over.  Take a look: Web Development and Game Art.

Also, trying out the WPtouch plugin to give the site a special theme tailored for mobile browsers.

Posted on: Oct 27 , 2009 2

Random mouse/keyboard issue in Karmic

I’m not sure how long Ubuntu has been doing this, but the other day while trying out Half-Life 2 in Wine, I was noticing that I couldn’t move with the keyboard and look around with the mouse at the same time – I was thinking it was just a HL2 / Wine specific problem, until I noticed the same thing happening in my browser, I couldn’t move the mouse while typing or holding any key on the keyboard.

Posted on: Oct 25 , 2009 7

“New Wave” theme for Google Chrome/Chromium

New Wave theme for Google Chrome

My first attempt at making a theme for Chrome/Chromium that fits in with the “New Wave” window border theme.

Download CairnNewWave Theme

I have also posted the theme on deviantART.  For those interested in learning to create your own themes check out these two sites:

[Updated: Nov. 28 2009]

Theme has been updated so that the buttons appear the correct color in Chromium version

Posted on: Aug 30 , 2009

I used to use, but then they started charging to use it. This one looks like it does the same thing, but for free. Let’s hope it stays that way. (via Lifehacker)

Posted on: Mar 9 , 2009

A boat-load of neat examples and ideas from

Posted on: Feb 23 , 2009

An awesome project that’s creating a native Mac OS X version of Riven.  If you own the CD version of the game, Riven X also lets you copy all the game data from the CDs onto your harddrive so you don’t have to constantly swap discs.

Posted on: Dec 1 , 2008

This is just so awesome. (via Boing Boing)

Posted on: Nov 14 , 2008

This Internet Explorer bug used to drive me insane: you say margin x in your CSS, IE6 would display it with a margin of 2x. Fortunately, the solution is wicked simple…

Posted on: Oct 26 , 2008

It’s fall!

Every time I look at my house in a photo, I notice that the post with the house number on it is upside down.  How did someone not realize that when they were fixing the porch?  Seriouzly.

Posted on: Oct 26 , 2008

Overall surprised how well using WordPress worked out for a site like this.  Still has a few minor issues with IE6 and fancybox that need to be resolved :/