Posted on: Jan 28 , 2012

Zombies, now with 100% more swagger

Finally got around to recording a short video of my zombie pong game!

Posted on: Jan 21 , 2012

Zombie Pong – Jan 21 Update

After a month or so, finally started working on my zombie pong game again with the goal to GET IT DONE. Ain’t a whole lot of new stuff to look at, except powerup crates and better blood FX.  Older screenshot here.

Posted on: Jan 2 , 2012

Pixel Myst

Picked up the Cyan Complete pack on Steam while on winter break – and after fighting to get them to actually run (and be playable) on my Windows 7 laptop, I decided to doodle a scene from Myst Island.

Posted on: Dec 27 , 2011

Gir riding a Tron Pig

Gir riding a Tron Pig

Main drawing done as vector art in Illustrator, background, shading and final FX done in Photoshop. Made it as a Christmas present for my wonderful wife.

Also posted to DeviantArt:

Posted on: Nov 19 , 2011

THX Police

“Stay calm. Everything will be all right.”
Photoshop painting of the android police from THX 1138.

Also posted to DeviantArt:

Posted on: Oct 13 , 2011

Krystian Majewski, the developer behind the indie game TRAMA, discusses some of the issues and frustrations he faced when trying to host videos of his game on Vimeo.

Posted on: Oct 13 , 2011

Pixel Space Marine Sprite

Just a test in making a simple animated sprite.

Posted on: Sep 7 , 2011

An open source Firefox plugin as well as a standalone application for wire-framing and prototyping user interfaces and drawing flowcharts.

Posted on: Aug 1 , 2011

Some ideas for making web forms faster and easier for users by combining and reducing the number of text fields.

Posted on: Jan 18 , 2010

Some interesting info about trying to cram all of your content into the top of the page.  People expect to have to scroll. (via