Posted on: Oct 4 , 2012

Good times.

It saddens me to report that as of October 15th I’ll no longer be employed at ImaginEngine due to the studio closing later this month. So I guess it’s really time to get this site dusted off, upload some more artwork, and get my resume updated 😛

On the plus side, I’m gonna have plenty more time to get working on Zombie Pong again in the near future.  So who knows, maybe I’ll actually be able to finish it and get it up on the Google Play store someday!

Also… here’s a recent concept drawing that I did of a sorcerer for a game prototype that a few of my coworkers had been working on over the past couple months. Original design idea for the character by @Godzigla. Drawn in MyPaint; don’t think I can say enough good things about that app.

Also posted to DeviantArt:

Posted on: Apr 29 , 2012

Hike up Mount Monadnock

Monadnock Panorama

We had our first hike of the year up Mount Monadnock yesterday. We took the the Spellman trail up to the top, which was nice and quiet compared to the more popular White Cross and White Dot trails which were a little busy.

Posted on: Feb 19 , 2012

This evening, I drew stuff.

Behold, some new art for the Main Menu:

Also posted to DeviantArt:

Posted on: Feb 19 , 2012

Zombie Pong – Feb 19 Update

New screenshot! Just up’d the game’s default resolution to 1280 x 720, and with that, fixed-up and updated a bunch of the game’s assets.

Posted on: Feb 15 , 2012

Features features features.

This little zombie pong game is coming along nicely. Yet despite being a rather simple game, there’s still tons of work to do on menus and non-gameplay related stuff. Also, all kinds of crazy ideas like an unlockables system for earning new paddles and powerups, more zombie AI behaviors, zombie bosses, a million different powerups, and the list goes on.

Posted on: Feb 6 , 2012

Wizard WIP

Yeah… on a bit of a LOTR kick as of late…

Posted on: Feb 5 , 2012

Brews for the Game Today

Football-shmootball. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy hanging out with good friends and having some tasty beer and food :)

  • Shipyard Brewing Co. – Applehead
  • Cambridge Brewing Co. – Bannatyne’s Scotch Ale
  • Wachusett Brewing Co. – Larry Imperial IPA
  • Last bottle of homebrew – American Cream Ale

Guess it’s time to start making more homebrew soon. Got any suggestions for a late-winter/early-spring style of beer? (Since it’d probably be ready to drink around the middle of March).

Posted on: Feb 1 , 2012

“Simple and flexible HTML, CSS, and Javascript for popular user interface components and interactions.”  Looks neat, might have to try it out.

Posted on: Feb 1 , 2012

“Old Bilbo called them Goblins.”

Started working on a drawing based on the goblins from the animated 1977 animated movie The Hobbit.

Also posted to DeviantArt:

Updated, Feb. 3rd: Updated line work around the edges of the face. Drool.

Posted on: Feb 1 , 2012

Functioning Menus

My zombie game now has a functioning menu system. Granted the code for it is a huge mess and really, REALLY needs to be refactored… for now, it works, and has some button art:

Right now it just uses the keyboard Up/Down arrows to cycle through the options.  I’ll probably also add mouse and controller support for it.