Posted on: Mar 10 , 2014

Daily Practice – Game Monster Design

Today’s practice: Designing a new monster for an existing game.  So I made a giant mechanical spider thing for Fallout 3…


Posted on: Feb 28 , 2014

Daily Drawing Practice – Monster

A Friday, free-for-all drawing of a monster. Rawr.


Posted on: Feb 27 , 2014

Daily Drawing Practice – Faces

Couple facial expressions drawn from movie stills.


Posted on: Feb 25 , 2014

Daily Drawing Practice – Mythology

A quick sketch of Daedalus the craftsman… which also happens to be the name of my home desktop.


Posted on: Feb 21 , 2014

Drawing Practice – Week of Feb 17

This week… worked a little bit each day on a single drawing, adding new elements to it.

(Update) Friday: Finished with drawing for the week. Added wind, more brush, lighting.


Posted on: Feb 15 , 2014

Self Portrait


Haven’t done one of these in years… color balance got a little wacky since I forgot to turn off F.lux while drawing it. Opps.

Also posted to DeviantArt.