Posted on: May 21 , 2014

Tunneling Game Progress

Here’s a quick post / screenshot of my latest side project… it’s a VS-multiplayer, World War 1 tunneling game. Kind of like Bomberman, but with more sneaking around. “Listening” for the sound of your unseen enemies will be important, to know what direction they’re in. Largely inspired by the movie Beneath Hill 60.

So far, it has a networking lobby, and the basic game loop setup. Currently plays as Last Man Standing, whoever wins, gets the point for the round. Networking is handled with Kryonet, and the world map is using a Tiled Map – although I keep debating if it’s really worth using, since the levels will be mostly programatically generated, and 95% of them will be filled in with dirt 😛

Tunnels Screenshot 2014-05-21

Posted on: Apr 28 , 2014

Cyborg Silhouette


Had Rick Deckard’s apartment from Blade Runner on my mind.

Posted on: Mar 17 , 2014

“Open the Pod Bay Doors, Major Tom.”

Based on the topic of “the unlikely meeting of two characters.”