Posted on: Oct 22 , 2014

Daily Drawing: Fish Spaceships

Daily drawing: Space ships with a fish-based design.

A pair of fish-inspired spaceships drawn while watching the FZD: Design Cinema episode on the same topic.

Posted on: Oct 8 , 2014

Starship Bridge Concept

A concept doodle of a character, and some bridge controls.


Posted on: Aug 17 , 2014

Arduino Weather Alert Box

A silly, slapped-together cardboard Arduino thing I made this weekend that checks the weather forecast every 15 minutes with a Python script. It then sends the info the Arduino and it turns on a yellow light for a severe weather watch, and a red one if there is a warning.


Posted on: Jul 11 , 2014 3

Split Screen game progress

Just a simple game prototype of a split-screen couch multiplayer game. Made using LibGDX, and trying out the new gdx-ai StateMachine stuff.