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Posted on: Aug 1 , 2011

“Why Users Fill Out Forms Faster with Unified Text Fields”

Some ideas for making web forms faster and easier for users by combining and reducing the number of text fields.

Posted on: Jan 18 , 2010

“The myth of the page fold: evidence from user testing”

Some interesting info about trying to cram all of your content into the top of the page.  People expect to have to scroll. (via guuui.com)

Posted on: Mar 9 , 2009

70 New, Useful AJAX And JavaScript Techniques

A boat-load of neat examples and ideas from SmashingMagazine.com

Posted on: Nov 14 , 2008

The IE5/6 Doubled Float-Margin Bug

This Internet Explorer bug used to drive me insane: you say margin x in your CSS, IE6 would display it with a margin of 2x. Fortunately, the solution is wicked simple…

Posted on: Oct 26 , 2008 1

Recent work: Nakit Clothing Co. website [dead link]

Overall surprised how well using WordPress worked out for a site like this.  Still has a few minor issues with IE6 and fancybox that need to be resolved :/

Posted on: Sep 29 , 2008

Javascript in Modern Web Design

An awesome list of Javascript libraries and effects collected by WebDesignerWall – definitely gonna look into using some of these for my next project.

Posted on: Nov 18 , 2007

New designs at UMass Dartmouth

As part of the UMass Dartmouth Web Design and Development team, I’m constantly updating the look and feel to websites sites all across campus. This fall, we finished two website redesigns: the Admissions Office and the Center for Jewish Culture.