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Posted on: Oct 27 , 2009 2

Random mouse/keyboard issue in Karmic

I’m not sure how long Ubuntu has been doing this, but the other day while trying out Half-Life 2 in Wine, I was noticing that I couldn’t move with the keyboard and look around with the mouse at the same time – I was thinking it was just a HL2 / Wine specific problem, until I noticed the same thing happening in my browser, I couldn’t move the mouse while typing or holding any key on the keyboard.

Posted on: Oct 25 , 2009 7

“New Wave” theme for Google Chrome/Chromium

New Wave theme for Google Chrome

My first attempt at making a theme for Chrome/Chromium that fits in with the “New Wave” window border theme.

Download CairnNewWave Theme

I have also posted the theme on deviantART.  For those interested in learning to create your own themes check out these two sites:

[Updated: Nov. 28 2009]

Theme has been updated so that the buttons appear the correct color in Chromium version

Posted on: Jan 26 , 2008

Upgrading to Leopard, with Linux and rEFit

So this past week I finally upgraded my machine to Leopard.

Posted on: Jan 19 , 2008

My Dream Theme

For the past couple months, I have been happily dual booting my iMac with OS X and Ubuntu for thanks to the rEFIt boot menu. Although last time I checked, updating to Leopard (which I’ve still yet to do ::sigh::) can cause some problems with the bootloader… not sure if those issues have all been ironed out yet.