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Posted on: Apr 29 , 2012

Hike up Mount Monadnock

Monadnock Panorama

We had our first hike of the year up Mount Monadnock yesterday. We took the the Spellman trail up to the top, which was nice and quiet compared to the more popular White Cross and White Dot trails which were a little busy.

Posted on: Oct 26 , 2008

It’s fall!

Every time I look at my house in a photo, I notice that the post with the house number on it is upside down.  How did someone not realize that when they were fixing the porch?  Seriouzly.

Posted on: Feb 21 , 2008


Lunar Eclipse

Lunar eclipse, 10:08pm.  8 second exposure with 10x zoom.

Kind of wish I owned some binoculars or something.