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Posted on: Jul 11 , 2014 3

Split Screen game progress

Just a simple game prototype of a split-screen couch multiplayer game. Made using LibGDX, and trying out the new gdx-ai StateMachine stuff.

Posted on: Oct 27 , 2012

Back to Basics – Zombie Game Update

Not that I have ample free time on my hands… I’ve taken up the crazy task of rewriting most of my zombie paddle/pong game with a few specific reasons and goals in mind, including:

  • To use libGDX’s Scene2D for almost all of the drawing on-scree with Stages and Actors.  This also makes for easy menus, buttons etc instead of attempting to porting over my 1/2 written UI setup I had back when the game was still all in XNA.
  • Using libGDX’s particle emitter setup, which allows me to use the particle editor tool rather than tweaking them via code. Probably way better performance too.
  • Implementing Box2D for physics/collisions.  More accurate, and the possibility of cooler effects like explosion knock-back etc.

So far I’ve gotten some of the menu flow setup, and you can essentially just play a basic game of Pong… still need to add the actual zombies back in though 😛