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Posted on: May 13 , 2013

Pombie Zong – Beta 1 Update

Wrote up a news post on IndieDB for Pombie Zong; outlining some of the new features and what still needs to be done before it gets published to Google Play.

Posted on: Feb 19 , 2012

Zombie Pong – Feb 19 Update

New screenshot! Just up’d the game’s default resolution to 1280 x 720, and with that, fixed-up and updated a bunch of the game’s assets.

Posted on: Feb 15 , 2012

Features features features.

This little zombie pong game is coming along nicely. Yet despite being a rather simple game, there’s still tons of work to do on menus and non-gameplay related stuff. Also, all kinds of crazy ideas like an unlockables system for earning new paddles and powerups, more zombie AI behaviors, zombie bosses, a million different powerups, and the list goes on.

Posted on: Feb 1 , 2012

Functioning Menus

My zombie game now has a functioning menu system. Granted the code for it is a huge mess and really, REALLY needs to be refactored… for now, it works, and has some button art:

Right now it just uses the keyboard Up/Down arrows to cycle through the options.  I’ll probably also add mouse and controller support for it.

Posted on: Jan 28 , 2012

Zombies, now with 100% more swagger

Finally got around to recording a short video of my zombie pong game!

Posted on: Jan 21 , 2012

Zombie Pong – Jan 21 Update

After a month or so, finally started working on my zombie pong game again with the goal to GET IT DONE. Ain’t a whole lot of new stuff to look at, except powerup crates and better blood FX.  Older screenshot here.

Posted on: Jan 2 , 2012

Pixel Myst

Picked up the Cyan Complete pack on Steam while on winter break – and after fighting to get them to actually run (and be playable) on my Windows 7 laptop, I decided to doodle a scene from Myst Island.

Posted on: Oct 13 , 2011

Don’t Use Vimeo for your Game Demo Videos

Krystian Majewski, the developer behind the indie game TRAMA, discusses some of the issues and frustrations he faced when trying to host videos of his game on Vimeo.

Posted on: Oct 27 , 2009 2

Random mouse/keyboard issue in Karmic

I’m not sure how long Ubuntu has been doing this, but the other day while trying out Half-Life 2 in Wine, I was noticing that I couldn’t move with the keyboard and look around with the mouse at the same time – I was thinking it was just a HL2 / Wine specific problem, until I noticed the same thing happening in my browser, I couldn’t move the mouse while typing or holding any key on the keyboard.

Posted on: Feb 23 , 2009

Riven X

An awesome project that’s creating a native Mac OS X version of Riven.  If you own the CD version of the game, Riven X also lets you copy all the game data from the CDs onto your harddrive so you don’t have to constantly swap discs.