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Posted on: Feb 5 , 2012

Brews for the Game Today

Football-shmootball. But that doesn’t mean I can’t enjoy hanging out with good friends and having some tasty beer and food :)

  • Shipyard Brewing Co. – Applehead
  • Cambridge Brewing Co. – Bannatyne’s Scotch Ale
  • Wachusett Brewing Co. – Larry Imperial IPA
  • Last bottle of homebrew – American Cream Ale

Guess it’s time to start making more homebrew soon. Got any suggestions for a late-winter/early-spring style of beer? (Since it’d probably be ready to drink around the middle of March).

Posted on: Apr 12 , 2008

Beer Stein

I got to be in one of my friend’s wedding last weekend, and he gave all us groomsmen beer mugs with our names on them!

Now every beer can be an EPIC BEER.

… also rockin’ Ubuntu/Openbox on the iMac.  Which after upgrading to the Hardy Heron beta a few days ago, has been acting much better than it used to :)